EurythmyThe word eurythmy comes from the Greek and means beautiful or harmonious movement. It is an expressive art form, also called visible song and visible speech. It is truly the new art form for today. An art form for transformation and healing in every sense of the word, eurythmy is still in its infancy. The expression of the invisible aspects of audible and visible arts really has as its horizon the human being’s ability to perceive it, and to transform the physical body into an instrument able to move in tune with life force and soul. Its aDSCF1987im is to be the poem, the song, the mood, so that it becomes present in our midst. Eurythmy is an artistic movement discipline that uses body, soul and spirit. It does this through a practice of gestures that correspond to sounds of speech and musical tones. These gestures are woven together into choreography. Eurythmy works with the principle that speech and tone are part of the movement-patterns necessary for life. For more information search eurythmy training in Canada.

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