Confluence of Three Rivers – Ottawa


What is more precious than gold?
– Light –
What is more refreshing than light?
– Conversation –

(Goethe, The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily)

Study groups in English:
1) Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm
Contact: Jennie (

2) Thursday evening at 7 pm
Contact: JoAnne (

Pour un groupe de lecture en français:
Contacter: Claire (

‘Education of the Spirit’:

                         An experiential study group based on Rudolf Steiner’s work.

                                        One afternoon per month at Polaris School.

                                            Contact Claudia (

For on-going Branch activities and events:
Contact: Tim (


Christian Community gatherings
Consecration of the Human Being or a devotional gathering:

2nd Sunday of the month
Children’s service included
Contact: Claudia (

School of Spiritual Science
Meets on the last Sunday of the month
Contact: Tim (


Polaris School, a Holistic Approach to Education:
Polaris School and Centre – POLARIS HOME

Community Supported Agriculture: Jambican studio gardens