Confluence of Three Rivers – Ottawa


What is more precious than gold?
– Light –
What is more refreshing than light?
– Conversation –

(Goethe, The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily)

Study groups in English:
1) Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm
Contact: Jennie (

2) Thursday evening at 7 pm
Contact: JoAnne (

Pour un groupe de lecture en français:
Contacter: Claire (

‘Education of the Spirit’:
An experiential study group based on R. Steiner’s book “How to Know Higher Worlds”
Third Tuesday of the month at 1:15 pm at Polaris School
Contact: Claudia (

For on-going Branch activities and events:
Contact: Tim (


Christian Community gatherings
Consecration of the Human Being: 2nd Sunday of the month at 11 am,
Children’s service at 10:30 am
Contact: Claudia (

School of Spiritual Science
Meets on the last Sunday of the month
Contact: Tim (


Polaris School, a Holistic Approach to Education:
Polaris School and Centre – POLARIS HOME

Community Supported Agriculture: Jambican studio gardens

“[In the early days of the Anthroposophical Society] those who became anthroposophists were the first people to feel what millions and millions of others will be feeling keenly indeed in the not too distant future, that older forms have come down into the present from bygone days, in which they were not only fully justified but the products of historical necessity, but that they no longer provide what modern man’s inner life requires and the dignity of full humanness demands.”

(Rudolf Steiner, 13th February, 1923, Stuttgart)