Calgary Branch, Alberta

Dear friends

May you be filled with courage and love during this time of Michaelmas 2020.

The carrying group (John Glanzer, Michael Galbraith, Christoph Wuerscher, Christine Wuerscher) recently met and discussed activities for the fall.  We are feeling and thinking that in COVID, there may be a call for individual deepening and initiative.  And so, for that reason, and also because we are personally “stretched” and there are many rich online opportunities to deepen our knowledge and experience of anthroposophy, we are taking a hiatus from offering our own study group this fall.  We recommend that you decide how you will nourish and enact your relationship with anthroposophy this fall, perhaps using one of the suggestions below, and that then, early in the new year, we will get together (in person or online) to share our experiences and learnings. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Calgary branch, please contact me (Christine) at


TALC (Tiny Anthroposophical Library of Calgary) and

We have over 200 books by Steiner and others here is Calgary that can be borrowed for free!  Contact Christine at for more information or questions about certain books or if you would like to donate your books.  And, if we don’t have the book, or you prefer to access it digitally, check out

With warmth,


(I captured the flaming larch near Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country and the amazing sunset west of Okotoks during the last week of September and early October: (c) 

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