Youth Blog

The Spiritual Vagabonds youth blog is for those youth seeking a spiritual path amidst the many paths to choose from and are drawn to the possibilities of Anthroposophy. An inner striving to understand the mysteries of life is present in each of us, guiding us in every step we take from the unknown to the known. The hope is that we are not alone in our search. Like vagabonds, we travel far and wide, meet companions, and share insights with those we encounter. This blog strives to be your traveling companion, a place for us to share our spiritual journey. Spiritual Vagabonds was created to provide a place for shared exploration. Young people both on the periphery of the Anthroposophical Society and those within are invited to share their personal experiences, reflections, and questions. Our goal is to foster connection and dialogue. We envisage the blog as an ongoing Goethean conversation rather than a place for defending personal opinions and positions.

The blog is led by S.H. from Vancouver Island.  If you are under 35 years old and wish to join the collective as a regular or occasional contributor, let us know.