Speakers List

Robert McKay

Rob is active in the society in many ways and initiated the Toronto Branch. He lives in Toronto, Ontario and works in the healthcare sector. 

Speaking Topics: 

    1. The Anthroposophical Meditative Path
    2. The Formation of Society Branches 

Contact Rob at: robertmckay@rogers.com

Mark McGivern

Mark is an educator, former Waldorf teacher, editor and writer. He is editor of Perspectives and author of Tolkien’s Hidden Pictures: Rudolf Steiner and the Secret Meaning of Middle Earth, which will be published by Steinerbooks in early 2022. Mark is a mentor in the Rudolf Steiner College Foundations Program. He lives in Victoria, BC.

Speaking Topics:

    1. Tolkien and Anthroposophy
    2. Mythology and the Evolution of Consciousness

Contact Mark at: markmcgivern50@gmail.com

Diane Walters MA

Diane has 38 years delving into Anthroposophy with training in Waldorf Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, Curative Education/Social Therapy in the Camphill Movement and an MA from the Barfield School of Contemplative Studies. She taught as a class teacher for 25 years, taught and wrote high school curriculum for 10 years and now serves as an Educational consultant for Independent Schools, Waldorf Schools and homeschooling families around the world. Look for her podcast Integral teaching: https://teachingintothefuture.com/media/videos-podcasts/

She also mentors for the Rudolf Steiner College Foundation Studies program.

Speaking Topics: 

    1. Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition in Learning and Teaching Strategies
    2. Clown Mind in the Classroom: Learning Through Laughter and Tears
    3. Teaching into the Future: Balance Between Teacher Presentation and Student Participation

Contact Diane at: diane@teachingintothefuture.com

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