Perspectives Journal

Perspectives is the journal of the Anthroposophical Society of Canada. Each issue has about 4 articles written by members. Themes generally emerge for each issue. If you wish to make a contribution please email with your ideas and questions. Perspectives will soon be published twice a year – a summer edition with contributions from general members, and a winter edition with contributions from youth. Click on the images below to read or download a pdf of the journal. 

Perspectives Issue #1

  • Cultivating Artistic Practice –
    Anthroposophy’s Heartbeat
  • Space, Time and Eternity in the
    Foundation Stone Meditation

Perspectives Issue #2

  • Embracing Evil?
  • Naming the Darkness

Perspectives Issue #3

  • Standing Before Rudolf Steiner’s Representative of Humanity
  • The Heart of Balance
  • At the Crossroads of Social Justice
  • Balance in Children’s Drawings