Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

The primary function of the Council, along with the General Secretary, is to strengthen the relationship between members and branches and groups in Canada. It also works with initiatives that may arise within the membership of the Society. As well, it seeks to intensify the connection between the Canadian Society and the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland. 

Councillors are chosen by their facility to work actively and collegially out of anthroposophy. Ideally, each area of the country is represented by a Councillor who serves for a term of seven years.


Noemi has lived in the Laurentians, Quebec, since 2000 where she raised her three children. With her partner, they co-founded École Imagine and since 2009, she has worked there as a Waldorf teacher, administrator and community developer. She is also on the board of l’APWQ (Quebec association for Waldorf schools) to help develop and promote Waldorf education in Quebec. She joins the team of our Canadian council to help promote anthroposophy to younger generations, developing section work and spiritual/scientific new research while bringing emphasis on  modernisation through rhythmic promotion and conferencing. She is delighted to participate with the present team.

Kaitlin is the newest council member joining this year. She lives a very simple off grid life with her three young children on a developing biodynamic farm in Blockhouse Nova Scotia called In The Land of Milk & Honey. She is the senior kindergarten teacher at the South Shore Waldorf School in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia where she works as chair on the SSWS board. She adores being in the kindergarten which is filled with love, truth and wonder.She has a special relationship to fairy tales and holding the sacredness of childhood is one of her deepest passions. Her spark with anthroposophy was ignited in 2007, through the Biodynamic Society while living in South Africa. After that introduction she partook in many lectures, never-ending reading and completed her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the council and is grateful for all the friends who have walked with her along the way. Her initial impulse is in connecting the younger generation with anthroposophy, bridging the different generations and creating healing Michealic communities.

Catarina became the council member representative for Ontario in 2019. Anthroposophy has always been intrinsically woven into the fabric of both her personal and professional life, as she values the strength and breadth it provides. Catarina was born in Montreal, educated in French, English and German and attended a Waldorf kindergarten. She has lived in various Canadian metropolises including Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto and worked in all of the aforementioned cities. Her passion for languages led her to a career in education as a public-school teacher, Waldorf class teacher, school guidance counsellor, school principal and therapeutic counsellor. Catarina has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1985, joined the First Class in 2005 and IFAPA in 2021. Exploring Anthroposophy’s many facets, enables her to apply its wisdom, thereby making it current and relevant to those she meets. She enjoys discovering the many different ways Anthroposophy can be accessed by each individual and then applied to enrich their lives.


John discovered and joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1983 after his wife Margaret found Waldorf education for their first of 4 sons. He joined Council in 2017 and currently holds the office of Treasurer. He holds a BSc in Engineering from the University of Calgary. John brings a broad experience ranging from an industrial and business background in energy pipelines to Waldorf teaching and Camphill Communities, of which he and Margaret are life-long members. He is also a Certified Executive Coach. John is the Class Holder of the School of Spiritual Science in Alberta. His special interest is in the science behind accurate spiritual perception. Currently retired, when John is not concerning himself with Anthroposophy, he can be found enjoying his two grandchildren with a third on the way, or out training his Great Pyrenees “puppy”.

Claudette has held the position of Administrator since the Fall of 2020. Claudette has been involved with the Society for many years. Prior to joining the council as representative for Quebec in 2018 she was very involved as Registration Coordinator for the 2016 Ottawa conference. As Administrator she brings a wealth of experience directing and managing a company shared with her late husband for many years. She is also the steward for the Montreal Branch and head of a study group in Montreal. Claudette is committed to serving the Anthroposophical Society in Canada and its members to the best of her ability and invites you to contact her for any administrative problem or question.

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Claudette Leblanc a accepté le poste d’administratrice de la Société anthroposophique au Canada. Elle prendra la relève de Christine Tansley, qui a assuré le poste pendant une année pour remplacer Jeffrey Saunders.
Claudette s’engage activement auprès de la Société depuis de nombreuses années. Avant de devenir membre du conseil comme représentante pour le Québec en 2018, elle a été très impliquée en tant que coordonnatrice des inscriptions pour l’important congrès d’Ottawa en 2016.
Elle apporte au poste d’administratrice une riche expérience dans le domaine de direction et de gestion d’entreprise, ayant dirigé une compagnie avec son mari, aujourd’hui décédé, pendant de nombreuses années. Elle est trésorière locale pour la branche de Montréal, et anime également un groupe d’étude.
Claudette s’engage à servir la Société Anthroposophique au Canada et ses membres au mieux de ses capacités et vous invite à la contacter pour tout problème ou question d’ordre administratif.

General Secretary

Born in the United States, Mr. Chase moved to Peru at an early age. Immersion in the history and archaeology of pre-Columbian culture inspired a lifelong interest in architecture and the impact of spiritual influences in culture. While attending university he met Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the transformation of art. These changed the course of his life and have formed the foundation of his professional practice since. This led him to join the Emerson College Architects Group in England where he deepened his relationship to this impulse. Subsequently he moved to Vancouver, B.C. where he has served as an architect and planner to numerous anthroposophical initiatives throughout North America and Hawai’i. He has written, lectured and taught extensively on Rudolf Steiner’s impulse for the arts and on general anthroposophical subjects. For twelve years he served on the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada. He is a founding member of the Visual Art Section in North America and has served as a member of its Council since inception. He is a Class Holder, serves on the Collegium in North America, and is the General Secretary for the Anthroposophical Society in Canada.

Susan is the council secretary. She sees her role as connecting with members across the country on special projects. She came to anthroposophy in her early 20s and joined Steven Roboz’s study group when she moved to Vancouver to study at UBC. All of her working life she was a teacher–first at the Vancouver Waldorf School teaching various subjects, and then moving to upstate New York to be a class teacher at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. She was a Waldorf teacher for 12 years in total and then taught with the Vancouver School Board in the primary grades for 19 years. After she retired in 2009, she volunteered with various hospice organizations before joining the Council. Other interests include travel, reading and writing poetry.


Micah lives and works in Nova Scotia and joined the council in 2017 as secretary. He recently served on the South Shore Waldorf School Board and designed and built the new assembly hall and foyer space. He is a graduate of the Toronto Waldorf School and enjoys giving time and energy towards Anthroposophical initiatives and community life.