The School for Spiritual Science is made up of various Sections. When a member joins the School, he or she automatically become a member of the General Anthroposophical Section, which is the foundation of the School and encompasses the whole field of an understanding of the human being coming out of anthroposophy. Any member of the School who is interested in a specific field –  often connected to one’s profession, such as Medical, Social Science, Pedagogical, Arts, or Agriculture – can join a relevant section and connect with other colleagues for research. Canada and the United States together form a Collegium of the School of Spiritual Science in North America. The General Secretary is part of the Collegium, and since 2012, Canada has been sending a member to the Collegium to stand for the General Anthroposophical Section. Many members in Canada are active in Section work. A complete list of the Sections and descriptions of their work can be found on theGoetheanum website. A list of contacts for Sections of the North American Collegium can be found here.