Branches and Groups



Anthroposophical Branches and groups come into being through activity of Society members. Society Members and friends are welcomed into these groups to take part in different aspects of the life of the Society, for study, festival celebrations, lectures, conversation, research or other focus.

Through their members, branches and groups can give active support and companionship for discoveries and activities on the anthroposophical path, and may form a community of care in a social sense. Vital foundation work for bringing anthroposophy into the world and life to anthroposophy comes from branches and groups. It is hoped that all Society members including new members and members transferring from another area will find access to a branch or group of the ASC if they have not already done so.

If you cannot find a group or branch in your area, please inquire of ASC Administrator, who will direct you to appropriate contacts. The coming into being of an anthroposophical group or Branch is a unique process, depending on the focus of individuals involved, location, date in time, etc. Establishment of a group to further the life of anthroposophy does not follow prescribed guidelines but rather reflects the activities of the individual(s) who initiate(s) it, whether it is a study group, festival-celebrating group, meditation group, a group of conference organizers, research group, online discussion group, provincial group and so on, or encompassing all of the above. A group may be part of a Branch.

At a certain point in the life of a group, the individuals comprising the group may decide that they wish to formalize as a Branch of the General Anthroposophical Society. When this is so, a representative for the group writes a letter of introduction and addresses it to the Council of the ASC giving names of all group members and including name chosen for the branch, location and contact information.

This information is added to the Canadian list of regional contacts.

We may not set up principles, to which one is expected to subscribe. We should rather characterize a reality” (Rudolf Steiner, Letter to the Members Jan 13 1924).