Update: Auriel Eurythmy

Update: Auriel Eurythmy

We hope you are having a warm and relaxing Summer.

We have had an eventful year filled with many highlights and much hard work. We began our year in a new purpose built eurythmy room in Coyoacan, a beautiful old colonial neighbourhood of Mexico City, built by one of our students. We completed the year with a combined Summer module with all three groups of eurythmy students. Our first, second and fourth year joined together for this module. We began each day with singing, led by Karen Gallagher, and then worked with guest teacher Darsi Ribeiro from Peru, who led the students through sequences of therapeutic eurythmy exercises. Visiting us from Germany for this module was Astrid Infantas, one of our mentors from the Stuttgart Eurythmeum, who taught basic elements in tone and speech eurythmy. At the end of each day the students worked with Jennifer Brooks Quinn, recently moved to Mexico City from the US, on biography.

It was a joyful ending to a productive year.

At the end of August our new academic cycle begins again, with a new first year group, a second year, a third year and a fifth year group, scheduled to graduate June 19, 2022. The fifth year group will take their graduation performance on tour in Mexico, to Stuttgart and finally to Dornach, where they will join the other graduating eurythmists on the Goetheanum stage for their final performance.
In spite of our healthy student numbers, we have 28 students registered for the new school year, we are nonetheless needing to supplement our income by raising money for our bursary fund. We have initiated a gofundme page to help raise the money needed for the upcoming year. The link to our fundraising page is copied below:

We are hoping that you will help us not only by offering a donation, but also by passing on this link to others who you think will want to support our eurythmy training. Eurythmy trainings worldwide are dependent on the good will of their communities for their survival. We are no exception.
Auriel Eurythmy offers eurythmy training to people from all walks of life. Some students live in areas/countries of low income, working in not for profit Waldorf School initiatives. The scholarship fund is to support people to participate in the training to bring eurythmy to their communities.

How to Help? You can help us by offering a donation. Any amount is helpful. 100% of these funds will go to the eurythmy scholarship fund.

We accept low income students into the training. All of these people are committed to bringing eurythmy to their communities, and your gift will support them to do this.

You can also help us by:
– passing on this email
– sending us good thoughts!

Warm greetings,
Nina Wallace-Ockenden