Global Activation of Intention and Action by Emmanuel Vucovich

Global Activation of Intention and Action by Emmanuel Vucovich

Last week The Presencing Institute at MIT launched the Global Activation of Intention and Action forum: an international community. Over 10,000 people from around the world registered for this forum and the community is growing exponentially as people are connecting to presencing & collaborative leadership work from all corners of the globe, and from all disciplines and walks of life.

In this forum, the Presencing Institute’s co-founder Otto Scharmer shared his perspective of the opportunity for potential learning from this global disruption in the following way:

  1. We are all connected
  2. You change the system
  3. When we face disruption, we have to be awake
  4.    In this moment we have a choice : to turn away, or turn towards change
  5. The future depends upon the inner place from which we make this choice, from which we choose to change.


The three areas of change:

Open mind – change learning

Open heart – change democracy

Open will – change economy

Most importantly, the GAIA Journey involves the dynamic interaction between connecting globally and acting locally in place and interest specific communities. I am very pleased to announce that The Parcival Project is now officially a Presencing Institute/GAIA Journey ‘interest hub’ serving the exploration of collaborative leadership in the arts: “The universal musical trinity of rhythm, melody, and harmony can be transposed into the language of Theory U as willing, thinking, and feeling. Furthermore, the current emerging concept of “timbre” – the quality or colour of a sound and the intention of a performance – is dependent not only on the inner state of the performer but also that of the listener.”

The Parcival Project’s hub page on the GAIA site is:

(And for those of you in Montreal:

There is probably also a Toronto hub … not sure yet.

It is with great hope that I invite you to consider joining the GAIA Journey and becoming a member of The Parcival Project or any other hub in this international community working towards global transformation.