The Christian Community – Movement for Religious Renewal


Photo credits: Richard Chomko

The Christian Community is a worldwide movement that seeks to open a path to the living, healing presence of Christ in the age of the free individual. This healing presence is at work most potently in its renewed seven Sacraments, where the thoughtful, heartfelt devotion of the congregation and the words and gestures of the celebrating priest work together to form a vessel for the grace of God.

We seek to create and lead healthy, sustainable congregations striving to recognize the living Christ in all creation. We can learn to meet His being speaking to us through the Sacraments, and we can join in His ongoing deed of transformation of the earth and humanity. Thus, we work to re-enliven our souls in such a way that our thinking, feeling and willing become more and more vessels for the living Word of God. Christian1RCIn our time, with so much anxiety, so much focus on the materialistic race to the top, The Christian Community and its sacred ritual life offer a haven from the frenzy. We cultivate healing peace, deep love for all that is, so that we can courageously meet and thrive in these ever darkening times. The teachings, Sacraments and spiritual counseling found in our communities strenghthen the human heart to say yes to our lives, yes to our challenges and yes to Christ’s healing power working in each destiny. And in this way, human hearts can become the medicine for our world!   Each Christian Community congregation is financially independent and exists through the voluntary pledges and donations of its local members. There are approximately 350 independent Christian Community Congregations worldwide, with 14 full congregations in North America. Services are also held through visits to affiliate congregations in several additional locations. In Canada, there are Christian Community Congregations in Toronto and Vancouver.