Anthroposophical Medicine

“Anthroposophic medicine is an integrative medical system, an extension of conventional medicine incorporating a holistic approach to man and nature and to illness and healing. It was founded in the early 1920s by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman. It is established in 80 countries worldwide, most significantly in Central Europe. It is practiced by physicians, therapists, and nurses and provides specific treatments and therapies including medication, art, movement, and massage therapies and specific nursing techniques. The entire range of all acute and chronic diseases is being treated, with a focus on children’s diseases, family medicine, and particularly chronic diseases necessitating long-time complex treatments. Patients are highly satisfied with this holistic form of healthcare.”



  1. Pegasus Therapeutics, 1 Hesperus Road, Suite 201, Thornhill, ON, 905 882-4949
  2. Natura Medical Arts Centre, 105 Toronto St., Barrie, ON, 705 739-4114