Biography Work

Biography Work

Biography is a new and growing field in anthroposophy with roots that go back to the late 1970s in Holland, inspired by the work of Bernard Lievegoed and Gudrun Burkhard in Brazil. Many countries have biography training programs with graduates working in careers such as counselling, social work, coaching, organizational development, adult education, art therapy, as well as other healing professions.

Biography provides a holistic approach to our lives that helps us to integrate our life experiences so we are not held by the past, but can move into the future with the wisdom inherent in our lives.

DSC08820.JPGBiography work is a task of our time. Growing numbers of people are searching for deeper meaning in their lives, and asking questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of my life?” People are longing to re-define their own identity from the roles they are in, to a deeper sense of themselves from the inside.

While biography work takes place with individual counseling or coaching, it also takes the form of workshops and group sessions. This way of working has tremendous value in the social realm. There is a dimension of developing interest in each other and learning from each other, that creates an open space for new creativity.

There has been much interest that led to a strong movement in Canada towards this work.

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