Invitation to Help Develop Ideas for a New Members Group in Thornhill

Invitation to Help Develop Ideas for a New Members Group in Thornhill

As a follow-up to the article in the last issue of this newsletter about the Thornhill Group, we would now like to invite any interested members to join in the process of exploring the question of what kind of new Anthroposophical Society members group we would like to found in the Thornhill area.

Just from within the Tuesday study group here at Hesperus there are already nine people who feel that such a new members group would be worth forming. We have already started to work together to explore what form that new group would take. But we also want to include any other members in the area who want to be part of this process.

The next meeting for this purpose will be on Tuesday January 15th at 7 pm in the upstairs living room (now called the Foundation Room) in the older (East) section of Hesperus, at 1 Hesperus Rd, Thornhill, Ontario.

How many more meetings?

It’s not yet known how many more meetings we will want to have before taking the step of asking to be recognized as a members group by the Council of the Society.

We’re taking it one step at a time. If you would like to join in this process you are welcome to do so. Of course members who do not wish to be part of this exploration process may still join later as members of the group, once the group is formed and meeting as a members group.

If you would like to join our exploratory group, please click this link to add yourself to our email list to be reminded of meetings, and other updates. You can unsubscribe at any time. But even if you don’t want to join the list, you can still come to the Jan. 15th meeting.

Why are we doing this?

While the immediate impetus for beginning this exploration has been some people’s questions around the existing Thornhill Group (whose purpose is to coordinate outreach) I do also carry the feeling that, in spite of all the anthroposophical initiatives here in Thornhill, the central impulse of anthroposophy can seem at times to be wearing a little thin. 

And I feel that whatever we can do to live anthroposophy more strongly, may have far-reaching effects.

Richard Chomko

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