Looking For Investors For Waldorf Schools

Looking For Investors For Waldorf Schools

The Vidar Foundation helps connect borrowers from socially worthy projects with lenders who want to invest their money in ways that can help the world to heal. Like our much larger counterpart in the USA, the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, we seek out and support initiatives in education, health, cooperatives, and sustainable agriculture here in Canada.

We are currently seeking investors for two worthy Waldorf schools ready to expand; one very young and vigourous, and one more mature. The six year old Okanagan Waldorf School near Vernon, BC, is building a larger Early Childhood Center to expand their outreach, kindergarten program, and enrolment. They have already secured $800,000 in grants and gifts for their building, which is going up this month. The well established Halton Waldorf School in Burlington is now 30 years old, with 200 students, and is ready to take the last big step and open a high school.

Both schools are financially sound, with track records of balanced budgets and steady growth, committed and energetic faculties and boards, and assets in land and buildings that far exceed the loan amounts needed. Both schools have had very significant contributions of time and money from their parent communities, and each needs about $500,000 more to help them grow and thrive.

Our current economic model is causing great environmental and social harm. Large multinational corporations are driven only by profit, no matter what the cost to our land, air, water, social fabric, or political systems. When we give our savings to a bank or mutual fund, we have no knowledge or control of where it is used in the world, for good or for harm. In his economics lectures, Rudolf Steiner emphasized that we need to bring increased consciousness to our financial dealings: to know where our money is, and what it is doing in the world.

Please consider investing in one of these secured projects, committing some of your life energy and will to stand behind these parents. They are working not just for their children, but for the many children to come who will benefit from what they are creating. We can know where our money is working in the world, and help it to heal.

Contact us at  vidarfoundation@gmail.com, or phone Ingrid Belenson (Toronto)(905)709-4664, Reinhard Rosch (Ottawa)(613)838-2639, or Trevor Janz (Nelson, BC) (250)352-1208, for more details.

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