Message from Joan Sleigh – November

Message from Joan Sleigh – November

Dear Members and Friends,

The conversion of communication to members via digital channels is in full swing. As before, “Anthroposophy Worldwide” is available free of charge via e-mail (PDF). In addition to English, German and Spanish are also available. A contribution towards expenses is requested for the purchase of the paper edition. If you know a member who does not yet receive “Anthroposophy Worldwide”, you are welcome to inform them that they can receive “Anthroposophy Worldwide”.

It is important to us as the Executive Council to make it clear that accusations made against the Executive Board of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland in connection with the ending terms of office of Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato are not justified.

At the Goetheanum, important conferences of professional groups took place, including entrepreneurs at the World Goetheanum Forum, therapists and social practitioners at the International Forum for Social Development at their biennial annual conference, as well as natural scientists at “Evolving Science”.

Ute Craemer from Brazil and Thomas Spittler from Peru report on their work on the Foundation Stone Meditation. Christiane Haid continues the series on the rhythms of foundation stone meditation with the sixth rhythm. It is also the central theme of this year’s International Christmas Conference: “Meeting the Being of Anthroposophy” – The Transformative Power of the Foundation Stone in Humanity and Society” at the Goetheanum from 27th to 31st December 2018. Further information under

With Warm autumn wishes and happy reading,

Joan Sleigh

Anthroposophy Worldwide #11