What is more precious to us in our time than the possibility of meeting Christ in the etheric? What do we have that could be more important than safeguarding this possibility, so essential for the continuation of human evolution, for human beings incarnated in a physical body on earth? (1)

For this we need a healthy body, capable of experiencing this MEETING, a body in the image of the one given to us by the Father.

On the subject of FREEDOM, Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental message, we read in his Leading Thoughts, at the beginning of the letter titled The Mission of Michael in the Cosmic Era of Human Freedom, (November 9, 1924) that human freedom must live in the Ego, and from there, through the astral body, influence the physical and etheric bodies. That it (freedom) should however not, in any instance, act as a direct external force on these physical and etheric bodies. “If this were to happen, the human being could only deviate completely from what he has become in the course of his evolution under the influence of the divine-spiritual essence and the divine spiritual manifestation.”

But are not the anti-covid injections genetic manipulations that change the body? Every individual who is the least bit informed is aware of this fact. (2) Moreover, the transhumanists, who are becoming more and more powerful, do not even hide this fact. There is no conspiracy as such, many say, because anyone who seeks to look beyond the official narrative can have access to available information pointing to the intentions, projects, plans conceived by a so-called elite whose stated aim is the elimination of a part of humanity and control and domination over the rest. Peter Selg, for example, mentions Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset (3).

This process has been so clearly explained by Rudolf Steiner and others that I can only denounce those who are becoming ultra-rich and increasingly exerting power over the masses, as we are currently experiencing.  (4) I must name the being who, among others, is behind these individuals, individuals who are perhaps themselves also victims of the great attack being waged against the very essence of the Human Being.

Indeed, the advent of Ahriman at the turn of the third millennium is here. And what’s more, with this attack also come the asuras and their master.

Individuals must make choices for themselves. This is “the time of serious decisions,” as Steiner reminds us at the close of the Christmas Conference (5). And though we cannot prevent the incarnation and reign of Ahriman, we are certainly responsible for the extent of his influence, not only on us, but also on generations to come. (6)

On Easter morning 2021, I awoke with the thought: “The new massacre of the innocents.” I see this, I pray, I meditate, I offer every second of eurythmy and daily life to the Divine Will above me with which I want to collaborate. Chantal Lapointe and I have organized meetings on the subject, as an offering to the Time Spirit, an expression of our willingness to act in concert with Him and with the angels of human beings who have come to meet their destiny on earth. Many people who in the spring declared: “Don’t worry!  We are certainly far away from reaching the point where we have to vaccinate our children!” now accept this inoculation as an inescapable reality.

My heart is heavy. How can I speak to human hearts?

As I see it, it is our connection to the presence of Christ in the etheric, the relationship of our children to the Resurrection Body, which is now under attack. (7) I cannot quote all that Rudolf Steiner said on the subject. The books are there for all to read: The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, Steiner’s Apocalypse of St. John, the Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, Lucifer and Ahriman, the books on Christology, Secret Brotherhoods, the Karma cycles… It’s all there;  it is imperative that we face reality and “rise as high above Nature as the Ahrimanic forces would have us sink beneath Her.” (Anthroposophical Leading Thought #184.)

And everyone can read something in their own hearts that extends far beyond the scope of their personal lives.

My heart is heavy. But it remains confident in Michael and Christ, trusting in those who, everywhere around the globe, choose to safeguard the connection to the divine, to Christ, by preserving the body, the Temple, though it may mean sacrificing their own comfort, work, reputation and even their lives.

Perhaps those who have received the first doses will be able to find a balance through their inner work (?).  But in the long run, with the recommended booster shots?


And as far as children are concerned?

Perhaps very strong individualities are embodied at this very moment because they can minimize, and even transform the undesirable effects. But to what extent, with dose after dose being administered?

Why then would Rudolf Steiner state that Manes-Percival would only be able to incarnate in mid-21st century, to bring about spiritual-artistic renewal, if he could find a suitable physical body? An individuality of Manes-Percival’s level certainly needs a body whose connection with the Christ impulse is safeguarded. (8) Rudolf Steiner also insisted that it would be essential that Manes and his allies receive the education provided in Waldorf Schools, a curriculum that includes the spiritual but also enjoys freedom from state control. This he stated as also being a requirement for the practice of medicine. (3)

Those who believe that it is better for children to receive the injection than to be deprived of school and social life seem to ignore the impact of three essential factors:

  1. That the vaccines (which differ from traditional vaccines) have already shown to cause very serious side effects (9). And, as far as children are concerned, these are worse than those brought on by the virus itself.
  2. That with their physical effects, these injections risk gradually destroying the link between body and soul, between Christ and the individual human being. (10)
  3. That creative individuals who are aware of these effects are coming together to organize educational and social activities in order that their children be preserved from these transformations and continue to enjoy a healthy community life. Perhaps they are providing solutions that will go beyond their small circles? (Question also raised by Dr. Selg. 1)

These three points can be linked to the first three panels of the Foundation Stone Meditation. It would take another article to go deeper into this connection, but we shall briefly mention here:

  1. Spirit remembering: the essence of our being is drawn from the essence of God through the Father and the Spirits of Creation into the physical body, which we can only transform with these spiritual forces.
  2. Spirit presence: by connecting with love to Christ, in each of our deeds, and by taking care to safeguard this relationship to Christ.
  3. Spirit vision: by developing visions of future communities, in collaboration with the Time Spirit, the Archangels and the Angels, to ensure that our will is free.

And finally, as we experience the fourth panel, let us bear in mind that although Christ has indeed been victorious (The Apocalypse of St. John, Lecture XII), each human being remains individually responsible for: recognizing the forces of darkness in the light of clear thinking, meeting these forces with warmth of heart, and courageously resolving to move forward towards Truth and Light in spite of the enormous challenges facing mankind. (11). And although “One must be so seized by the indispensable impulse of the present age that one does what must be done, without wondering whether the consequences will be one way or the other” (12), let such a task be guided by Michael; may He kindle our courage and enthusiasm. (R.S: Karma III, Lecture VII).

In fraternity, Hélène Besnard


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