Writers Wanted for Perspectives

Writers Wanted for Perspectives

The editorial team of Perspectives (our Canadian Society publication) is planning for our next few issues. We have decided to have two issues a year, one in the winter and one in the summer. We would like to prioritize youth in the winter editions, which we will publish just through the website. The summer editions will be in usual paper edition delivered to all members at their home and open to submissions from all members.

Our upcoming themes come from planning that is taking place for the 100th anniversary of the re-founding of the Anthroposophical Society after the burning of the first Goetheanum in December,1922. As we recall, the original Goetheanum was destroyed in an all-consuming fire that left witnesses desolate. After the initial shock, it was Rudolf Steiner who comforted and encouraged everyone in the movement to look towards the future: “If we are able to change the pain and grief into the impulse to action, then we shall change the sorrowful into a blessing.”(GA 233, lecture 8)

The winter youth edition theme (winter 2021) is:


To be considered for selection for this digital issue, writers need to be under 35 years old and articles need to be received by the end of November 2021.
The summer 2022 hard-copy edition theme is:
FROM GRIEF TO ACTION. Articles for this issue need to be received by the end of December 2021.
For both issues, articles need to be under 1500 words. Poems will also be considered. Files can be sent in English or French (we will take care of the translation). We would also like to receive good quality photos of artwork based on the theme.
If you do not feel very confident in your writing ability don’t let that stop you! Our editor Mark McGivern will give you editorial feedback to help the process.
We hope members will be inspired to contribute to these issues. Articles on the theme of rising up after tragedy and going forward into the future are welcome. Those articles we can’t use, we will publish in the new website.
All submissions should be sent to our editorial team at perspectives@anthroposophy.ca 
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Mark McGivern and Susan Koppersmith