My Internet Treasure Hunt Recommendation

My Internet Treasure Hunt Recommendation

Brian Gray’s ‘Wise Cosmos’ YouTube Channel

Part 1 of series of reviews on anthroposophical online content such as courses, podcasts, and videos.

As a millennial, to be technologically savvy essentially means to be able to effectively use the search engines on Google and YouTube. At first glance, there is very little anthroposophical online content. Even if there is, the aesthetics of the web interface look as though it belonged to the early 2000’s era of the internet. The lack of online presence of anthroposophical thinkers could be due to the fact many older generations of anthroposophists are tech resistant, or simply not knowledgeable or confident enough to use the internet to promote their work. However, the scarcity of what is available makes for a very fun, exhilarating treasure hunt for anthroposophical gems on the web.

Out of sheer curiosity, I began this treasure hunt by systematically searching all anthroposophical publishing houses, regional branches, bookstores, Rudolf Steiner Archives, adult education centers, then took it to the next level and searched for traces of Anthroposophy on mainstream platforms, like Apple Podcast, Patreon, YouTube, Instagram, and even Reddit. There are wonderful free resources and interesting discussions in the most unexpected corners of the web, which could greatly benefit those who do not have access to immediate in-personal Anthroposophical studies and would like to deepen their learning. With this intention in mind, I hope to offer a series of reviews and recommendations of Anthroposophical online content, ranging from podcasts, video series, courses, and other online resources.

I never thought of searching “Anthroposophy” on YouTube until out of sheer deprivation of and desperation for spiritual content, I gave it a try and discovered Brian Gray’s YouTube lectures on Astrosophy and how to read birth charts. An Anthroposophical inspired approach to astrology appeared to me to be a much more definitive and solid perspective to understand astrology amidst the overwhelming varieties of astrological readings. Like many of Brian Gray’s videos, they are filmed in a lecture setting, where he is speaking to a group of students, which makes for a more engaged and natural environment for online learning. His illustrations on the black board are clear, easy to follow as a visual aid and provide logical structure to the content. I was able to sit and listen while taking detailed notes, as though I was simply studying alongside his students.

Brian Gray has a profound understanding of the works of Rudolf Steiner. He served as a core faculty member for 38 years at the Rudolf Steiner college in Fair Oaks, California, where many of his online lectures were filmed. He currently directs the Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative, where he provides free and paid online courses on various Anthroposophical topics, such as Parzival, Philosophy of Freedom, star wisdom to esoteric Christianity. On the Wise Cosmos Youtube channel, he has a brief introductory video on the planetary seals. Brian Gray has many other informative videos posted on youtube. One of my favorites is his introduction to the six basic exercises. 

One of the most breath-taking lectures is Brian Gray’s three-part series on “Intro to Esoteric Christianity”. In part 1, he describes the characteristics of the four Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, then offers a close reading of the two birth stories of John, as presented in the Gospel of Matthew, and of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. In part 2, he zooms out and provides a detailed overview of the seven cultural epochs, especially of the Atlantean epoch and its seven civilizations. By tracing the genealogy from Adam to Jesus, and the incarnations of Zarathustra in the various epochs, he shows the immense preparation that took place for the coming of Christ. Delivered with great logical coherence, clarity, and precision, both these lectures are absolutely mind blowing. There is not a single word wasted on unrelated tangents, nor clouded with excessive pathos and personal judgement.

Before watching the lectures, I had a very scattered knowledge of the cultural epochs and of Christianity. These lectures connected many of my fragmented ideas and wove together a very clear picture of Steiner’s most esoteric and complex teachings. Even though I am yet to finish watching part 3, I cannot wait to recommend Brian Gray’s videos on his YouTube Channel, Wise Cosmos.

I hope you find something that speaks to you!

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